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Maintaining a Hydro Seeded Lawn

Typical Germination Times
We will use a tested, high quality, certified turf mix.  Germination time depends on weather conditions, temperature and the amount of watering.  Usually grass will be visible in 5-7 days, a few days slower in cold weather.

Care and Watering
Successful seed germination depends on a few days of special care.  To assure proper germination, water regularly, 2-3 times a day in warm weather (less if weather is mild).  Keeping the yard moist will maximize seed germination.  You may walk on the surface when watering, being careful not to disturb the mulch mat.  By keeping your new seedlings from drying out, you insure the beginning of a lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy.

Mow the grass approximately 3 weeks after seeding. Mowing stimulates growth and thickness.  Set the mower high at first, and then gradually lower.

Fertilize one month after seeding using a nitrogen type fertilizer.  Think green, think organic.  Your job is to feed the soil, the life in your soils will then work hard for you.  Great results can be achieved by using organic products.  Do not use products that will work against the biology.

Ongoing Maintenance Practices
Consider aerating your lawn once a year and spreading a light layer of fine compost over the grass.  Use just enough compost to go through the grass blades, but not to completely cover them up… ¼” +/- usually works well.  This method will help to build the soils and enrich the overall rooting zone of the grass.


Enjoy your beautiful lawn!